Monday, May 12, 2014

The eas(ier)y way of doing good research!!

Not many people know this but writing a good review paper is the eas(ier)y way of doing good research.. what you need are:

1) A good internet connection
2) Access to Global Databases
3) A good understanding of your subject
4) An aptitude for Research

You can bring together the different kinds of research done on a particular topic, set a common benchmark and write a review. This is also research that is well appreciated. If you are the type who never wants to conduct an experiment but would like to contribute to your field of interest, this is the way to go!!

Now you could be the best cricketer in the world but people will recognize you only if you wear the national jersey and come on TV!!

Most things work similarly. You could have done some great research at your end but the only way in which others will recognize its importance is by publishing it in an Indexed conference/Journal.

The same way Wisden indexes the achievements of cricketers, there are databases globally that index good conferences and journals. Getting your paper published in an indexed conference/journal will earn you recognition globally. is a famous database that indexes work from around the world. is another very famous database.

Ensure that you publish in recognized forums for people to recognize your research.

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