Monday, May 12, 2014

Research and I.... Why?

A lot of people have asked us if writing research papers is for everyone....

The problem with Indian education is that any attempt at innovation is met with trepidation and insecurity. Think of the last time you tried cooking a new dish, or a stunt on your bike or even a new way of saying hi to the cute girl next door....Voila!! You have done research before in your life!!

Now that sounded way too simplistic, you would know the people in your class who typically wrote papers by going to paper presentation competitions or spent long hours with your professors trying to come up with some hi tech result. Some would have succeeded and the others would have failed, what one must understand is that both the results are publishable. When a hypothesis is rejected, that is also the result of research.

Now we used a term called Hypothesis, what is that??

Hypothesis - Make an assumption about a particular situation. This is a Hypothesis. As simple as that.

Experimental Research - Proving or Disproving the Hypothesis.

Example in the real world:

Situation: The Movie Amazing Spiderman 2 has released

Hypotheis: I will like the Movie

Experiment: Watching the movie

Result: You have proved or disproved the Hypothesis!!

Now if we are to take this into the technical domain, we would need to come up with an equivalent situation, frame the hypothesis, conduct the research and publish the result. The sections below would explain how that is done.

Theme Identification: Yes, we understand that you don't feel as comfortable calling yourself as qualified a graduate as say the guy across the street who is acing his papers in IIT Madras. But in the time you have spent in college, there would be that one subject/topic that interested you more than others. We would explore this with you to identify the theme of your research.

Literature Survey: To truly understand the situation (as described in the situation above), one would need to understand what is the current level of research that has gone on in the field (ourt textbooks are a wee bit outdated... we cannot understand why students are taught the working of the 80286 microprocessor!!).

Research Assignments: Now, eating an entire cake in a single sitting would upset your stomach, but eating it over a couple of days one slice at a time makes it a wonderful experience. This his how we take you through the different parts of research. It is completely fine if you do not understand something, our expert mentors will guide you through the process.  

Conference Identification and Publishing: So you have seen Amazing Spiderman 2 and have made your mind up on how good/bad the movie is; you need a place and a format in which your review is written. Similarly, we help you identify conferences/journals that would accept your paper and help you publish it. 


You can now send the link to your friends on Facebook and boast about your research credentials!!

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